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The Wicked Way

There is much about wickedness that we need to know. As a Christian soldier, we need to know the enemy. The enemy is triune. He is the flesh, the world, and the devil. The flesh is the self-life. It can be known as the way of pride and greed. Many of us have this problem. Pride says that I will do anything when I want to do it how I want to do it and no one can stop me. Greed says that I will have everything my way. The world is another way. The world is like a bunch of animals. The people of the world do whatever they can to survive. They do not consider Jesus. They fight so that they can be on top of everything. The self-life is exalted here. Then, there is the devil. He is the master of all evil. His name in Greek, Satanas, means hostile opponent. He is a hostile opponent. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He hates everyone, including his followers. Even the followers of Satanism are deceived. They are not following Satan; they follow the words of Anton LeVay. No one can match as much wickedness as Satan, not even Anton LeVay. If the devil came as a dragon, people would run in fear away from him, so because people could not accept him as a dragon, he has to come as a angel of light. It is the only way that he can deceive people. One of his plans is to deceive people. If he can steal or divide people, he can make Chirstians weaker. Division is his way. When we are weak, we are not as strong. That's the way the devil sees it, so we need to take Christ seriously, because we don't want to fall into the devil's trap.