A Christian Soldier Ministries

Every Christian is a soldier....


These are the values which I possess and hold to:

We need to love God. We need to love others, sometimes, more than we love ourselves.
We need to hope in Jesus. He is our only way.
We need to trust in Jesus. He is our only way. We need to follow Him.
If we love God, we will obey Him. We will never be perfect, and obedience does not save, but it does lead to a rewarding style.
The Lord deserves our respect. He is our creator.
God is the giver of rewards and a rewarding life. We should seek Him and His ways.
Submission is not a dirty word. We do need to submit to God. He is on our side. He loves us dearly as His own children.
God forgives us so that we can have life. We need to forgive others, though.
Wisdom and Knowledge
Wisdom and knowledge do not save, but they will benefit. That is how one grows.