A Christian Soldier Ministries

Every Christian is a soldier....


Satan is already doomed. He wants us to have the same fate. We cannot trust him nor his ways. His ways are wickedness and sin. They steal, kill, and destroy us. God, us, and maybe others are hurt by it. We should not make it into a practice. If Satan tries to tempt us, we need to rely on Jesus. Jesus needs to be our only way out. There is no other way. He tried to tempt Jesus three times. If you notice at the beginning of Matthew 4, Satan quotes the Bible! Satan knows the Bible, and He knows how to decieve people with it! Even He knows that it is a sword! That is why we need to know the Bible really well! Satan uses the Bible to create his cults, alternative religions, and other religions. We cannot let Him have victory. The Bible is a sword! We must use it defensively and offensively if we are going to live and help others. Satan is not a joke. He is our enemy. He tries to make it hard to reach those who are captive by Him. He wants to keep them. We can't let that happen. We need to rely on the Lord. His way needs to be our way. We need to take His seriously if we are to make disciples. He will use our vulnerabilities against us. We can't let Him win. If we are hungry, He wSatan can use that against that. He will find any avenue to destroy us. Satan will give you what He considers good so that He can please the flesh, but we need to please the Spirit instead. Satan is on the side of the flesh. The Spirit and the flesh are at war. Satan wants the flesh to thrive; God wants the Spirit to thrive. Choose God. He should be our only way.