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Are You Saved?

If you aren't saved or have no idea what I am talking about, you are probably on your way to hell. Hell is the place where the fire is not quenched and the worm doesn't die. Anyway, it is a horrible place, and no one wants to go there, and we should not wish hell on anyone. Hell is never a joke. We should never glory at anyone's misfortune. Now, I will go back to the matter at hand. Jesus is the only way to life. You can follow all of the rules and still not make it into heaven. God wants us. Without Him, we're nothing. He is the source of all life. He always was and He always will be. Some people have been led to believe that people must go to church to be saved. Although that is untrue, the church does give grain for us to eat. Some believe that one must pray a prayer and then that person is saved. That is deceit. That prayer is a ritual. God knows what is really going on. He knows that the prayer is useless, because Jesus did not say that you automatically had to have the Sinner's prayer to automatically receive salvation. He said that we need to believe in Him. There is a sharp difference. It isn't a one-time believing, we need to always believe. We don't know the time of our death. If we pass away and aren't with the Lord, we will not go home, but if we are believing at the time of our death, then we can go home. God knows our hearts. There is a parable in the Book of Matthew about ten virgins. Five virgins were prepared and five were not. The master came and the ones who weren't ready could not enter with the groom. That is like the time of our death. If we aren't Christian when we pass away, then we will not enjoy heaven. Conversely, if we are Chirstian at the time of our death, then we can go home and enjoy Jesus Chirst, our Lord.