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Every Christian is a soldier....

The Body of Christ

As Christians, we are a body. We need each other. No one is under or over each other. We need 'checks and balances' so that each of us will be on our toes. When we are together, we are stronger, but when we are separate, we are weaker. It is the same thing as the 'buddy system'. There are no 'somebodies', and there are no 'nobodies' in the kingdom of God. God does not prefer some gifts over another. Apostles and prophets are on the same footing as everyone else. There is no gift that deserves unquestionable authority. That is because man errs. There is no vicar of Christ, either. Anyone who thinks that he holds that kind of position is in error. Man errs. That is a point that we need to remember. So, who runs the body of Christ? Christ does. Man only gets in the way. So, what should the evangelist do? He should rely on God, but even He does not have unquestionable authority. Now, let's look at the pastor. The Greek word for pastor is shepherd. There is nothing that says authority there. His job is only to care for the sheep. There is nothing that says that he is to give sermons. If anything, the apostle gave sermons, but the apostle never claimed authority over anyone. He was a father, but he was never a boss. Some people point to Hebrews 13:17. It does say in some translations that it says that we need to submit to the ones over you. The truth is that the apostles wer e the only source of the Word at the time, and they were needed. Now, that we have the Bible, they do not have to do this. They can be what the Greek word says they are, messengers. No gift is over or under another; we are all on equal footing. We belong to each other.