A Christian Soldier Ministries

Every Christian is a soldier....

Our Attitude

As Christians, we cannot live without Him. He is in charge. We need to realize our position in Christ. We were made of dust, and God gave life into us. We need Him. Without Him, we're nothing. We will never find enough of Him until we get home. When we say that we don't need Him, that's pride, and pride is sin. Pride is highly on the side of the flesh and the self-life. Pride is all about self. We must decrease and He must increase. (John 3:30). He needs to be our life! We will never be happy here, because this is not our true home. The kingdom of God is! We will be happy there! It is worth the wait. We should walk in the path of humility. Only those who walk in humility can receive from God. It is the only way. We should never become complacent. We need the Lord. If we become complacent, we still cannont receive. When we are complacent, we say that we don't need the Lord. The truth is that we do need the Lord. The Lord is on our side. We need to remember that. He is our boss. If we love Him, we will obey Him. If we treat people as we would like to be treated, we will be treated in the same fashion. We should always walk in the ways of love. It should be one of our chief ways. We should love the Lord regardless of any situation. God is the god of blessings; we should seek Him. His way needs to be our way. There are no questions about it.