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Every Christian is a soldier....

Armor of God

The armor of God helps us fight against the devil and his forces. It is the only way to win. Our fight is not against the world, but it is against Satan and his forces. We need the belt of truth because it holds us up when we walk. If we lie, we cannot hold our pants up, because we are sinning, and the Lord hates sin. When we don't have a belt, we show other people things that they don't want to see. Lies are things that people do not want to see. Therefore, we must have a belt. We must have the breastplate of righteousness because it protects us from wickedness. It is usually the first thing that people see. People will usuallly notice if you are righteous or wicked. Our fruits are obvious. Your fruits are shown whether you have good fruits or bad fruits. That is why a breastplate is the first thing that people see. Then there is the shoes of peace. They will keep us from tripping when we walk. If we fight against the Lord, we will always lose, so it is the same things as tripping on our shoelaces. Our footing is sure when we walk in peace. The shield of faith will protect us from the devil, because we can go home if we believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only way to the kingdom. There is no other way. Then, there is the helmet of salvation which guarantees us a place in eternal life. Without it, we will not enter. Finally, there is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Holy Bible itself, which can put a strong offense against Satan anytime. There is also prayer, which will be answered and handled at the appropriate time. God is on our side; use the armor of God! You will win every time! All you need is faith! Believe in it!