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About Me

I grew up as a Mormon. They are also known as the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints church. They believe in four books. They believe in the KJV Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price. As a child, I favored the KJV Bible and the Doctrine and Covenants because they were rich in content. Then I went to a evangelical church for a first time. I brought the Bible and the Book of Mormon with me. I was told that I did not have to bring the Book of Mormon with me. I found the service of the Mormon church and the evangelical church boring and uninteresting. Later on, I went to another church. The music was lively, and the preacher was interesting. The only problem is that he was corrupt. He spent the tithing on trips, but they were not mission trips; they were vacation trips. He would not continue the service unless he had enough tithes from the people. I then went to a Baptist church and I could not discern what that was all about. In my high school years, I became Catholic, but I was a horrible Catholic. I always wanted to be a Jesuit. I thought that it was God's way for every man. I worshipped the pope as a god. I found out that some Jesuits were not good examples and that they only showed their appearance at Catholic mass. I did not fit into the Catholic way; even though I did try. Later on, I was introduced into astrology and numerology. I loved it, because it had lots of math. At the same time, I rejoined the Mormon church. I became a Aaronic priest, which is the first step to becoming a Mormon missionary. The Aaronic priest can be gained by the laying of man's hands or if you were a son of Aaron. I did not receive the Melchizedek preisthood which is the preisthood that all current Mormon missionaries have. All prospective missionaries go to MIT (Missionaries in Training) which is somewhere in Utah. I left the church and told them to release me from thier rosters because some things did not add up. I joined a church of God church. The music was lively and the word of God did make sense. Things changed after I joined a Bible study. The Bible study material was good, but it was some of the extra stuff that he said which made sense to me. I did some of my own studying, prayed about it, and I followship with other Christians and now, I have grown as a result. Thank you, Lord.